A website should

tell a story.

This one is about beautiful, custom websites launched at the speed of WordPress.

With over 40% of the world's websites being powered by WordPress*, there is no better Content Management System when it comes to ease of use and rock solid functionality.
I personally build with WordPress because it gives me the tools that I need to design and develop exactly what my clients want. Moreover, once the site is completed, it will remain both cutting-edge and extensible for any future updates and additions. My goal is to empower clients to update and manage their websites themselves, and with WordPress, this has finally become possible.
*kinsta.com, 2021

Wondering what you get? Features & Benefits


- 01. Custom design

You will have complete control over every aspect of your design. Pick the perfect color scheme and typography to sell your brand or speak your message. This can be overwhelming to some but worry not for I will be there throughout the entire process to help guide you.

- 02. Easy to edit

In addition to creating for you a website that you can be proud of, I also want to make it as easy to edit as possible. Most future edits will be a simple matter of point, click and type. Gone are the days of learning extensive code just make text look good!

- 03. Mobile responsive

Since most people these days use there phones to access the web it is very important that a website look and function well both on desktop and mobile.

- 04. Search engine optimized

Having an incredible website means absolutely nothing if nobody can find it. This is why I build every site using industry standard SEO practices to ensure that they have the best chance of being discovered by search engines.

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Here’s my 5-step process

How it works

  • 1

    Answer Some Questions

    First things first. We meet and I ask you a few questions to get a feel for you and the purpose of your website. Your name, quest, favorite color, that kinda thing.*

  • 2

    Analyze & Plan

    Armed with this new information, I then begin to construct in my mind the beginnings of what will ultimately become a full-fledged website. Here I work tirelessly to find fonts, colors and other design elements that will help to convey your message.

  • 3

    Draft & Build

    Once I have a solid idea for design and functionality, I will then begin to build a rough mock-up of the homepage, complete with header, menu, content, and footer. Basically, if I were building you a house this would be the framing part.

  • 4

    Assess & Sign Off

    At this point we'll meet again to review the mockup, this gives us a chance to address any changes that need to be made and for you as the client to decide if you like the direction things are going.

  • 5

    Deliver & Launch

    Once I have your approval and we both feel confident in the overall look, feel, and functionality, I will be ready to begin fleshing out the other pages.** Finally, we will meet one last time to give the completed website a full review, I will implement any last minute changes, and then at long last... the site will go live!

*We will also decide on a domain name and web hosting so I can get these set up for you.
**In an ideal world we would have all of the beautiful content needed to fill your website readily available at this point, but since this is rarely the case, and more likely getting content will be like pulling teeth, I will use dummy text and placeholder images during this phase. The faster I get the content from you, the quicker it gets done 😉

Choose a package and lets get started!



  • If your want a web presence but are on a budget, this package will be perfect!



  • A complete solution to all of your digital needs!



  • Everything included in the Elite package, plus a secure storefront worthy of whatever product you're selling!



  • Showcase your listings and each of your fabulous reviews under one personalized and beautifully design website!

A few words about who I am

Michael Sherry profile picture for about me section

My name is Michael Sherry

I have worked as a Web Designer for over a decade, and I view each new client as a chance to learn and understand the world through another person's eyes. I enjoy every opportunity I have to create something beautiful and valuable.

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